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**************BIG RANT************

Ok so what the actual fuck? Im scrolling through twitter when i see a pic of a title that the sun posted an article on. Whats the title? “Spot the difference: Harry Styles shows off tattoos…. and pimple.” FUCK YOU THE SUN! And now im hearing people say how hes not attractive and is fat? What!?!?!? THAFUCK IS WRONG WITH U PEOPLE!?!?!? I didn’t know fat included abs. His acne is apart of teen years people! I actually prefer his acne rather then make up all over his fucking face. It’s natural and sexy! I think that Harry Edward Styles is the most attractive thing i have ever seen and so does a million other screaming girls. Fuck everyone who thinks hes ugly because of acne and weight. Both reasons are stupid. Even if he was fat (which hes not) weight means absolutely NOTHING. Good. Fucking. Day.

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